Off the port bow

Spring break was last week. I did the glorious and amazing thing of "absolutely nothing" for a whole 9 days.

Well, not quite true: on Saturday, I (and a C&D) went on a brief (3.5 hour) little wildlife sea tour off the coast of Ventura.  It's the same one I did years ago when I saw the blue whale; while I was totally hoping for something similar - especially as it's explicitly whale-watching season off the west coast - I really just wanted to get back to the sea.  It had been too long, frankly.

The wildlife certainly went along with the idea, however.  Less than half an hour out, we spotted two gray whales some of the first mother-calf pairs heading north (the solitary whales swim faster and passed by earlier in April; most of the rest of the mother/calf pairs will pass in May).  We then came across a blue whale off Anacapa, as well as a humpback and a fin on the way back.  All in all, a good day.

The school semester is half way over; I've still got As in all my classes, and I'm not terribly worried about any of them at this point.  Just had a physics midterm yesterday, and I think I did alright: on the last mid-term, I felt like I bombed it but got a B (and needed a D to maintain my A), so we'll see how this comes out.

The summer schedule gets released in May, so I'll finally get to see what classes if any I can sign up for.  I need one - chemistry 1A, hopefully - and might take a statics class if it is offered (since it's so rarely offered).  But I need to know the schedules so I can plan any birthday trip I want to take.

I haven't hung out with L (or even spoken to him on the phone) in 8 weeks, though we've emailed a bit.  I'm not missing it, though I imagine he is probably depressed.  While that's not good, it's also not my - or really anyone else's - responsibility to fix it for him.

Parents come back in a few weeks.  I ought to have at least a couple of tomato plants ready for them by then; my starts are coming along nicely, especially with the weather the last week or so.

... and I just had someone effusively praise a poem I posted in support of a friend (who is feeling rather down).  Like, going on for 5 minutes in chat about how I need to get published and such.  While that kind of praise tends to make me uncomfortable, it's also good to get validation like that sometimes.

On that note, back to work.


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