First Day

So, I'm not sure what this is.

I'm off caffeine for the next two weeks, because apparently it and the meds can interact.  That normally means I get less-focused and really hyper (which is why I drink it and why I'm looking into meds).

Today, I'm not that. I don't know what I am.

I feel tired.  That's probably the stimulant - a cup of coffee is enough to make me want to nap (if I can't sleep, I'll usually make myself a cup of Kona coffee; 30 minutes later, I'll be fast asleep), so it makes sense that one of the effects would be relaxing me.  But in my head, I'm just kind of fuzzy right now.

People I've spoken to have said it can take up to two weeks to adjust and have the intended effects start to surface.  I've got time, so we'll see this through.  But it's a good thing I had no meetings today.

Lookit all them letters

So, it's official.  I am an Adult with ADHD (primarily hyperactive type, some inattentive).  I've got a piece of paper that says so.

I've also got a prescription for Concerta that I'll be starting on Thursday - I've got a test Wednesday, and we both agreed that fucking around with psychoactive substances before a test is a bad idea.  After Wednesday, I've got a couple of low-key weeks, which should be enough time to figure out if it's helping or not.

To do so, though, I have to stop the ritual caffeine, so I need to warn the coworkers about that.  Could be interesting.

Got 100% on my last essay for English.  Just turned in the first draft for the next one.  Also, the summer schedule has been released; I don't register until mid-April, but I'm going to try to take two 3-unit online classes, Psych and US Government.  They'd both end by 6/23, so I would still have a summer and time to take vacation for my birthday.

Off to calc shortly for the pre-test review session.

Over half way

Wow, and I was doing so well at posting regularly for a while.

This last month really kicked my ass.  The first week of March, I was totally exhausted.  It was the half-way point for the school year.  My parents were back from vacation (which meant picking them up from the airport and dealing with traffic both ways; about 4 hours of driving total).  I had a fairly difficult math test (got an 87%; not happy, but livable).  Work was just being overwhelming.

The second week of March was spring break, and I took it off from work as well as school.  I ended up getting sick at the start and didn't feel better until Wednesday, so half the time I had off just disappeared.  I did manage to catch up on my sleep, however, and things have been a bit better since then.

Case in point, we had a Physics test on Tuesday and got our scores back last night.  The average for the class was a 62%, with the lowest grade at 27%.  I and three others got 100%.  So, that tells you just how badly most of the class did.  I'm thrilled about the 100%, though - that means that without even taking the final test, I've passed the class, and I only need a 72% on the final to get an A.

There's a calc test next week, though, and I need to get a decent A on that one to be comfortable.  It's doable - even on the last test, I didn't miss any of the fundamentals.  My problem was, as usual, the dyslexia and ADD: transposing numbers, dropping things, and on one problem, I set it up perfectly with the right substitution and then just totally didn't carry it through (no idea what happened there - it's like my brain reset half-way through the problem without realizing it).  So, I'm going to try and make sure I get enough sleep that day and relax a bit before class, as being tired makes both disorders that much worse.

Speaking of which, my appointment to be officially diagnosed with adult ADHD is on Monday.  At that point, we start talking about medication (either triage or long-term), which makes me both nervous and excited.

Anyway, I've got an install I'm doing remotely for a customer here in about 15 minutes (which is why I'm up and on the computer at 6:45 am local time; my alarm is normally set for 6:55).  Off to pretend to be professional!