... skies are blue...

8 nights in paradise and, since I have yet to win the lottery, tonight will be the 9th and the last - for a while, at least.

I bite my nails.  It's a "nervous habit", something I do when I don't even realize I'm doing it.  After a few days in Maui, I notice that my nails are growing.  They'll remain intact for a few days after I get back, but not much longer after that.  This probably implies something.

The suite I'm in is almost the size of my apartment, though one less bedroom.  That's okay, because the kitchen is probably the size of my spare room.  The bedroom it does have is in the back, and yet I can still hear the waves crashing on the shore across the street as I lay in bed.

I'm thoroughly tanned, and even more blond than when I left.  I'm probably going to get comments on both back at the office.  I may have to plan a few things to keep the tan up, though I won't exactly have the luxury for relaxing nude in the sun (yes, with sunscreen) for a couple hours a day.

I've taken pictures and video.  None of them have been processed yet; this computer's not really set up for it.  It'll all have to wait until I'm at home.

No romantic interludes, nothing too exciting or impressive.  Just a quiet, relaxing week in the sun (and shade, and ocean, and hot tubs...).

I don't know that I could live here; I've entertained the thought a few times.  I'd probably end up a recluse if I tried.  But it's certainly somewhere that I love to visit, and hate to leave.