With a whimper

Had my first "wtf happened there" day in Calc last night.  We had a one-question quiz (which are open notes and open homework) that was quite literally exactly a question from the homework, and no matter how much I looked at it or looked at the solution in my homework (which was right), I just couldn't get it to click.  I may as well been trying to read Setswana.  So, probably blew those 10 points, though I might get a few points' partial credit.

Annoying, but not disastrous.  I got 98 on my first test, 100 on my second, and 11/10 on the last quiz, so all in all even losing all 10 points from this quiz I'd still be over the 94.3% I set as my threshold.  Everyone's allowed a bad day now and then.  It just means I need to be a little more careful for the rest of this chapter, but I'm not too worried.

C (of D & C) had to fly up the coast, as his mom had a heart attack on Sunday.  She's been moved back to Canada now and is apparently doing better, but it wasn't good for a bit there.  As part of that, I've been hanging out with D to distract him a bit.  C was at a conference all weekend, and then flew up on Monday, so D's been basically alone at home for a week (he works at home too).  I dragged him out for Chinese food and froyo on Wednesday and may hang out with him tonight gaming or something.

I've been dealing with fumes at the office since the renovation (which may be part of why I blew the quiz - haven't been sleeping well).  It ranges from slightly annoying to massive sinus problems and itchy/irritated eyes.  I've been generally going home around lunch and working from there the last half, but can't do that today as I've a massive, important meeting after lunch.

Starting to think about NYE and what I want to do.  I probably need to book plans shortly.