Planetary alignments

A medical test I was really dreading got cancelled on Thursday because it was deemed unnecessary.

I had a date on Friday that went well, and I think we'll be going out again.

Spent most of the day yesterday hanging out with friends at Hurricane Harbor.

Today, I met two guys (a couple) from out of state who just moved into the apartment complex and are gamers.

I start classes in a little over a week, and I'm getting excited.

It's been a pretty good few days.  Here's hoping it continues.

Outlook Good

I took my placements yesterday.

I was actually rather nervous, in that general OCD-kicked-into-high-gear way.  I knew I'd do perfectly fine on the English and basic algebra sections, but the whole point of my going back to school was to (re)take calculus and get into the more advanced sciences.  While I was reasonably sure I'd do fine on the College Algebra test, the test is rather short: a couple of asinine mistakes could have bumped me below Calculus, and that would have put a major damper on my enthusiasm.

Turns out, I didn't have much to stress over (as usual).  Aced the English sections, aced the math sections.  I've registered for the Calc-A class I wanted on the days I wanted (a slot opened up the day I took the placements, so it was serendipitous).  I'm doing a group-counseling session today, just because we're supposed to, but there won't be any problems.  I even ordered my parking permit for the semester.

Of course, I'm also looking into taking another class.  Most are full at this point, of course, as the semester starts in a couple of weeks.  However, there's one class with a lot of room that will both count towards my transfer as well as I think be right up my alley: Astronomy.  It's not the basic "this is a planet" astronomy; this one requires trig and goes over orbital mechanics and other technical details.

The only reason I haven't signed up for it yet is that it would mean classes four days a week (Monday through Thursday, all 7 pm to 9:30ish).  I'm not sure if I want to make that kind of commitment yet.  But it would bump me up to 7 total credits for the semester, which puts me in the officially-part-time group, and I think actually might be something I'd really like.  It'd mean I'd have to give up the hikes on Monday, but it could also be really fun.

I'll keep thinking about it - the class is nowhere near full, and I've got a couple weeks left.  Something else that would be interesting might open up as well (I qualify for Chem 1A, but there aren't any classes even with waiting lists that would work for me).  If the counseling session today provides some other incentive for taking another class, that'll probably push me over the edge.  But once I finish Calc A, other options open up as well.

I'm actually excited.  Who knew?