Doing the math

So, at this point, I could get 65% on all the remaining assignments in Calculus and still get a B.  If I get 80%, I get an A.  Since my lowest score on a test is 96% so far, I'm pretty happy.

I signed up for next semester's classes, which will be interesting.  3 this time, English (online), Psych (hybrid), and Calc1B (lecture).  I wanted to take Physics 1A instead of Psych, but my low registration status and the sheer low volume of classes (only 6, with 24 students each) meant it filled up before I even had a chance to register.  I emailed the prof, and he told me to feel free to try to crash the class by showing up to the first lab - the waitlist is apparently full, but if there's room, he'll try to fit me in.  But even if I don't get in, I'll be fine - it's math that I have to be really careful with, since I've got 5 classes to take in 6 semesters.  Physics, I only have 3.

I also emailed my doctor, asking his opinion.  I had a diagnosis years ago for ADHD, OCD, and dyslexia, but it's not on any chart I have now.  Given that I'm back at school, it's theoretically possible that some accommodation they offer may be useful/necessary at some point - I doubt it, but you never know.  But it also might be useful for scholarships or applications to 4-years.  So, I just asked if he thought it'd be worth it, since I probably don't really need any "help" (I'm not really "disordered" by it, not significantly anyway).

That's something else I need to start looking into after this semester: scholarships and programs that could help me out.  Odd to be nearly 40 and looking into this stuff.

Oh well.  Making biscuits tomorrow, then heading to C and L's place for dinner with a few other friends.  Should be fun.  At some point this weekend, I have to head up to my parents' place to hang lights - probably Saturday.

Happy turkeyday all, and enjoy the long weekend.

Tempus fugit

I'm having to pace myself on homework assignments in Calc.  I find I'm getting them done too early, and then forgetting which method I'm supposed to apply for a specific test or quiz.

... Okay, so that's not exactly a problem most people have with school.

Needless to say, class is going well.  I'm at about a 98% at the moment and (according to hints from the professor) the top grade in the class.  And a couple people at work know, including my boss.

That latter part is important, because next semester I want to take Physics 1A.  The problem is that I'm also taking Calc 1B and English, and so the only class I can take for Physics (there aren't many to begin with, and most are during the day entirely) is a hybrid with a lab on Tuesday afternoons.  I checked with my boss, though, and she said it's totally cool for me to take that time off every week.  I don't even have to use vacation or anything to cover it: per her, because I'm salaried, there's "no mechanism for even doing that."

So, that's good, and I can even have a bit less stress.  Universe knows there's going to be enough, what with pulling 14 units and a full-time job, but if I need to I can drop the English class (online) and take it over the summer.  I'm hoping I don't need to do that, though, as if I can handle the 14 units next semester well, I'm set for the remaining 2 years (which all range from 12-14 credits per semester).

Still haven't told my parents, or L, or pretty much anyone other than a handful of people.  D and C know, as well as the new guys in my building.  C's a professor himself - media studies - so we were geeking out about college stuff for a bit two Sunday's ago in the pool.

Oh, that's something else: two weekends ago, it was in the 80s and I was swimming in a pool.  The next day, it was raining and in the low 60s.  I guess California decided to actually have a fall this year.

Nothing new on the dating scene, though I'm going to try a new dating site.  I've also decided to get back into eating healthier again (I really fell off the wagon for a while; school kind of screwed up my habits).  I'm up to about 175, which is well over where I should be (160-165 is "okay").  I need to get back into exercising too, but one thing at a time.