Getting sorted

So, still getting used to the Concerta.  It seems to really get going about 3-4 hours after I take it - I get a period of feeling a bit weird, but then it clears up.  I definitely know when it wears off in the afternoon.  It seems to be helping while it lasts  without having some of the personality-effects that caffeine has, so, all in all I'm optimistic.

I got a 95% on my math test.  His overall grading is a bit odd: there are four chapter tests, then a final which "counts" as two tests.  He drops the lowest of the tests: if a chapter test is the lowest, then he counts the remaining three plus twice the final; if the final is the lowest, he counts it as one test and uses the four chapter tests.

Based on that logic, I've got a 91.6% average on 3 tests right now - that's essentially 3 90% tests plus 5 "extra" percentage points between them.  That means that if I bomb the next test, I need an 87.5% on the final to get an A in the class.  If I get anything higher than an 87% on the next test, then I can go lower on the final (my lowest test score was an 87%).  Because of how it works, if I get, say, a 90% on the next test, I could theoretically count all four tests (giving me 87%, 93%, 95%, and 90%, or 4 90% test with 5% extra) and get an 85% on the final.  If I pulled off a 100% on the next test (not likely, but hey), I could get a 75% on the final.

And even then, I've got a few extra percentage points to play with, since the grade isn't based exclusively on the tests: we've got homework that we get credit for.  It's only 5% of the grade, but that's enough for a half-percent leeway on tests.  Plus, I've got a couple extra credit percentages that are raw percents added to the final grade, so really I could average 87.5% on the tests and still get an A.

I don't want to push it to that, and I'd rather have more leeway than I have, but it's much better than being behind and needing to catch up.  Essentially, it's almost certain I'll get straight As this semester provided I actually take the finals and turn in my essays.

Only a month left in classes.  Haven't fully decided what to do for the summer sessions; my math teacher from last semester actually hit me up to take his calc C class this summer, but agreed with me that it is going to be rough (6 weeks, 4 hours a night and 4 nights a week).  So, that probably won't happen, though I'm honored he sought me out and asked me.  My English teacher also asked if I'd be his TA - not sure if he was joking or not, and he hasn't clarified yet.