Under water

Oh boy.

Big news today is that the company we'd invested in to take over my project is folding.  The CEO before the current one essentially blew through millions of dollars in a year without telling anyone; he was replaced, but the damage had already been done.  So, the IP and all the assets and clients are reverting back to us.

... Except that the product I currently support is pretty simple and easy, and the new version that they developed takes a whole team to manage it.  My original assumption was that if their company failed, we'd just get out of that line entirely; that is apparently not the case.  So I have no idea what is going to happen.  I'm not even sure that management understands exactly what it is they might be asking me to do here.

Considering how in-over-one's-head one feels at the moment, one sympathizes with the dam at Oroville.

This has, however, opened up a potential solution to another problem.  My assumption has always been that I'd have to quit here when I go to school: I'll likely have a part-time job somewhere, but I didn't think there'd be any justification for keeping me on here at my current company part-time.  Now, granted, I have no idea (outside of freelance stuff) where I'd make anywhere near the money I make now (over $50 an hour), especially under part-time conditions, but that was something to deal with later.

With this change in situation, my manager has expressed interest in keeping me on part-time even if it means working from home half the time and only coming in once or twice a week (given the variability of school schedules, that's a necessary condition).  So, if I get into pretty much any of the three schools I'd like, I could likely keep my job in a part-time status.  It'd be a fair bit of a drive for some of them, but I'd certainly prefer that to most of the other options (would you like fries with that?).  Even if it was only short-term until I found something else, it would save a lot of stress.

Classes start next week; I ordered the two books I needed for the programming class, and they should be delivered by tomorrow.  I'm getting the usual nervous-excited feeling.  It's going to be a tough semester, but I think it's also going to be fun.


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