Schedule A

I made a temporary decision and put my veggie box "on hold" for the next six weeks - not really a cancellation of the service, but they won't charge me while it's on hold.  The idea is that I can see if I miss it or how well I go about eating healthier without it.  I contacted a local CSA - literally local, as it's run by the school district in my area - to see if they actually have the half-order they say they have.  If I could do that, I'd try it for a few months: it'd be cheaper, less food, and 50% tax deductible (the food is grown on the school farm, mostly, and the school uses it to teach agriculture and raise scholarships for students).

I also filed my taxes this weekend.  Mom of course did the "hard" part (my taxes are simple, but she feels better if she does it), but I pushed the buttons when asked and signed the papers.  Turns out I'm getting about $2200 back, which is awesome; it's usually around $1300.  My first thought was to get a Surface, which I've been wanting for a while; however, I'd probably spend more than the $800 or so that I'd be willing to put into it, so I'm putting that off.  While I'd like the notebook, I'd also like to get myself better prepped for quitting in 18 months.  I might compromise and get a Surface 3 instead of a 4 and only spend $500 or so on it.  We'll see; I don't even have the money yet (one is going in by mail, while the other was submitted electronically).

Amusingly, my Asus Transformer tablet seems like it's dying, so I might actually need a tablet to replace it.  The Surface would obviously be that.  Alternatively, I could skip the surface and find another android tablet I like; right now, the tablet's the only place I can install a lot of apps, since most things are made for Android or iOS but not Windows Mobile.  At the same time, I'm going to have to replace my cell phone at some point, and I'm not sure if there will be Windows phones in the future.

... Yes, I actually like the Windows mobile OS.  I feel like they got screwed by anti-windows 10 hysteria rather than because of the system itself.

Didn't hang out with L last weekend; he told me (Friday night) he was going to dinner with some other friends.  I'm perfectly fine with that, though the last-minute nature as a little annoying; I'd rather plans be last minute than cancellations.  This is the last month we'll have the regular standing thing, though, so I don't have to put up with it much longer.  We'll probably be hanging out this coming weekend.

School starts back up two weeks from today (the 20th is a holiday).  I'm looking forward to it, but it's going to be a tough semester.  I've already started getting up earlier, and I'm planning on starting my "booster" pills in the afternoon to make sure I'm acclimated to them before classes start.

I also need to file my FAFSA - not that I am going to get any scholarships or aid, and really not that I need it at the moment.  But, I'm going to want to sign up for scholarships this year to prep for next year.  I'm also going to be applying to schools this year.

-- Holy crap, I'm going to be applying for schools this year.  That totally just hit me.  I think I need to go think about this a bit, since I just sat staring at the keyboard for a solid minute.


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